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How do I use a gift card during checkout?

Ensure you have registered your gift card/code (see How do I Register A Dining Advantage gift card or code? (for existing user with a Dining Advantage account)
Once you have added an offer to the cart, you can elect to Checkout or to continue shopping via additional search. Press the "Secure Checkout" button if you are ready to purchase.

Hit “apply” next to the gift code you wish to make your purchase with. Then, continue filling out your customer information, and click “continue.”

On the next screen, you will see under “payment method” a message confirming your order is covered by your gift card. If you do not see this message, please ensure you have hit the “apply” button next to your gift card you wish to use.

Tap “complete order” to complete your purchase. The offer(s) you have purchased are now available in the My Account page.

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