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As a Dining Advantage user, we send you periodic emails with coupons and offers for your current location.  Every time you open the email, we will update the deals based upon the IP address (location)  of the device used to view the message. Keep checking back to see the deals near you.

Why are there offers appearing in areas that aren’t near me?
Offers are shown based upon the IP address at the time that the email is opened.  All provided offers should be found within a set local radius of your signaled location.

Why did the offers shown change when I opened the email again?
The offers are dynamic and will vary based upon changes in your location at the time of open.
How can I see previous offers?
For best results, use the search functions of the Dining Advantage website. You can search by merchant name, category or distance.
How come the locations of my offers are not in order?
The offers reflected are often grouped by categories and then by distance within the category.  This may result in the distances of offers appearing to be out of order.  To see offers by distance, please see your account on the member.entertainment.com site or the mobile app.

How do I improve the accuracy of my location?
When viewing on a mobile device, please connect to WiFi for improved accuracy.

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